Up and Coming Online Dating Sites

Posted by admin on 01/18/2016

With online dating becoming a pervasive method, the digital dating market is constantly expanding with new dating sites ready to be launched. While top, highly esteemed online dating sites are certainly safe choices if you want something that is highly marketed and used widely, there are plenty of newer dating sites that are coming to the forefront of the online dating industry. If you're looking for something smaller and more specific, are definitely many up and coming options for online dating sites to use.


HowAboutWe.com is a unique spin on the traditional online dating site. The premise is similar, but the site makes an effort to ensure a bond between two people by focusing on memorable first dates and being active with your potential partner. The first thing you find out about a user of the site is what they want to do the most on a first date, establishing the site's goal of inspiring a connection between two people in person. It's a fun way to get to know someone, and it somewhat takes the pressure off of the awkwardness of a first date.


This site is interesting because it functions through subcategorizing users, allowing them to group themselves under a variety of "Social Types" and "Style" categories. This gives an interesting take on browsing for a match, as you get to compare more. Also, another interesting feature of the site is that it requires the women to make the first move in communicating in order for the communication to happen. This interesting switch up dynamic is a great way to embolden your confidence and have a little fun with it as well.


This may be a newer site, but it has already become highly popular amongst the online dating crowd. This site surely lives up to its name, as it boasts one of the largest dating sites in the market. It's a great way to experience communicating with people from all over, and it's free, which is a definite plus.


What could be viewed as a nice dating site, GreenSingles is specifically designed for environmental conscious singles involved in online dating. If you're a tree hugger who's interested in dating another tree hugger, this is definitely the place for you.


This is a great online dating site that caters specifically to singles looking for other singles who love to read. A site that brings together all book lovers, it works through profiles that allow people to fill out according to their reading lists. It's an interesting premise, as what a person likes to spend their time reading can certainly tell you a lot about them, and it is undoubtedly the perfect online place for a lover of literature to find their perfect partner.