Tips for First Time Online Daters

Posted by admin on 01/08/2016

So you've signed up for an online over 50 dating membership, you've dutifully set up your profile, and now you're ready to fish through the sea of potential partners. Now what? Online dating sites for over 50 can seem like an easier, simpler version of traditional dating, but in fact it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to know how to reel someone's attention in. The more you know about navigating the online dating scene, the better chances you have of capturing the attention of a lucky match. Online dating doesn't have to be awkward and overwhelming. Here are a few tips for those first time online daters:

1. Don't be afraid to contact someone, but also don't rush into it

If you come across someone's profile who shares similar interests and attributes as you, feel free to take the step and send them a message. Don't be concerned about feeling rejected if they don't get back to you, as there are plenty of others to meet in that case. At the same time, once you're already conversing with someone who you've found a connection with, try to avoid rushing into it and contacting them too often. Settle at a good pace of conversation, it won't hurt to take things slow and it'll reveal how genuine they are about meeting you.

2. Read the profile before looking at the pictures

While profile pictures are usually the first thing someone will see, as it is human nature to base interest off of physical attraction, try to avoid scrutinizing every picture until you've gone through their entire profile. Don't base your impression off of pictures, but instead try and form an idea about the person through their profile, their interests and their bio section. If you pass on the person just because you don't like what you see, you might be missing out on someone who you'll have a great connection with.

3. Test the waters before settling

It's easy to latch onto one single person who you've formed a connection with in the beginning of your online dating experience, but the best thing to do is to date around before making any final decisions. It's important to test out different people and see how you feel with them, as there is a whole slew of candidates that occupy over 50 dating sites. It's okay to search around for a few months, even if you've met a few people who you like, just be open with the people that you're talking to.

4. Don't share anything too personal online

Personal conversations are a great way to connect with someone. However, it's best not to share any of these personal or deep experiences until you've met the person in person and have gotten to spend a considerable amount of time with them. Sharing too much too soon is equivalent to rushing into a relationship too quickly, and it's best to let these things unfold organically rather than make it all happen at once.